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The 100 Day Project

I found out about the annual 100 day art project from one of my favorite artists Rukmini Poddar who participated and shared 100 days of emotions. Ruksi has been drawing and personifying obscure emotions for years and authored a book called Draw Your Emotions which will be launching October of 2023.

I've attended her workshops and found this practice to be extremely supportive for connecting with and processing life. I am so grateful I had stumbled across her page.

After hearing her talk about how supportive it was for her to join the 100 day challenge, I felt it could be supportive for me too in challenging myself to consistently write poetry so a few months ago, I began my quest.

I'm excited to give those poems a home here and hope you enjoy reading them.

There is no specific theme attached to them, at least not one that I know of yet.

I've been making it a practice to take some time to sit with my Kakao and create space to write whatever feels like coming through.

So far this has been so helpful for me to keep the creative channel flowing.

Feel free to comment below and let me know your thoughts :)

I look forward to connecting deeper with you



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