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Day 27/100 - ‘Bad’ days

I want to talk about ‘bad’ days

And not because I want to dump it all here on this page

and forget about it

Even though that does seem like the most productive way to go about it

but I want to talk about ‘bad days’ because for some wild reason I think we forget that we ALL have them (including myself)

Sometimes I have 6 of them in a row and 6/6 times I find that I’m still making myself wrong

I’m telling myself “what?! how?”

Like “shouldn’t I be passed this by now?”

Like “I know better, so why can’t I just snap out

Of this….”

“I’m so resourced so then why can’t I just get myself out of this…”

Missing the point entirely

Not realizing that when the pendulum swings

It swings

and if life was only made of happiness peaks

What fun would that be?

What depth would that bring?

So let this be a love note for you and me

‘Bad’ days aren’t as bad as they seem

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