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Day 24/100 - There You Are

And on the days I feel less than myself

Where I seem to have exhausted all the tools in my belt and yet still feel unlovable

There you are to hold me

There you are to quite boldly lend me your love anyway because you know this is when I need it the most

On the days where I cant seem to get myself out of the spirals my own mind traps me in

There you are with your gentle song

To remind me that I still belong here

And in moments I feel unclear of who I am or what the f*ck I’m doing

There you are glueing the pieces of my heart back together

Attempting to make me feel better

Even though you know this darkness will run it’s course anyway

There you are encouraging me to stay

Inviting me to play

And on the days I can’t seem to find a way out

There you are to meet every doubt with your faith

And when I finally come around again just as I always do eventually

There you are

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