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Day 23/100 - Beloved

You don’t know it yet but you’re inspiring me

Everyday the future we get to create is looking brighter you see

I know your heart just wants us to succeed and we

will never miss a moment to be

The exact stability

that neither of us knew we were missing


am already growing into the perfect wife

And not perfect as in I

make no mistakes or do no wrong

But perfect in the sense that every single day I choose to belong to you

Not as in ownership

But as in partnership

which means that my responsibility is me

My path is mine to walk

and your path is yours

But our union lights up the world like never before

and you and I are meant to explore one another

To adore one another

To compliment each other

in the process

Individually we are works in progress

But our union gets to be

in service to the world we wish to see

come into existence

What an honor to get to witness this

Beloved, thank you for all that you do for us, for our family

and for everyone who gets the opportunity

to know you

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