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Day 22/100 - Liminal Space

Oh dear one,

Fancy getting to meet you here again, I was wondering when you’d be back

Thank you for always being the exact reminder that I seem to need in order to be sure I’m on the right track

Because every single time I get to drop in deep with you

The dots start connecting and suddenly I see the truth

And somehow I’m propelled in the perfect direction thereafter

Oh dear one,

How I’ve missed you

It’s been such a long time

If it weren’t for these moments we get to share together

I truly believe I would miss out on so much gold

I mean who else is better fit to hold me than you are?

In all honesty I used to avoid our beautiful connection

because I didn’t always see the value in the deep reflections that you bring

I didn’t know how to embrace you - I didn’t understand what I was missing

Forgive me dear one,

I can see you now

I can finally appreciate your purpose and how you truly make this experience so much more bearable

The soothing sounds of silence

The perch of perspective

The waiting

The listening

The safe place

The misunderstood liminal space

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