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Day 17/100 - Falling

I’m falling hard and I need you to catch me

I can’t be in this alone and I don’t want to be

I’ve done enough of that

I’ve proved it to myself over and over again that on my own is just fine

But I don’t want just fine anymore

I want to establish a baseline, ground floor

Of all things cozy

Like the world can be going mad but together we’re alright

Like in your arms all night

Like gazing into your eyes

Like lying my head on your chest and just breathing deeply

Like listening to the sound of your heart beating and it’s my favorite lullaby

Like noticing how good your hand fits in mine

Like listening to you sing and wondering how I got so lucky

Like wondering why it took so long to let you love me

Like thank you for being just as here for this as I am

For seeing how scared I was but still reassuring me that I absolutely can

Rely on you and reminding me that you aren’t going anywhere

I’m falling

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