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A sweet hello, 

My name is Candy Wheeler - I'm an artist, poet, mentor & community curator. I love brining people together & witnessing the magic that takes place when we sit in counsel, connect with one another - human to human - and open our hearts.

Since I was a little girl, I've been a curious one, always asking many questions and exploring beyond what I knew. I couldn't help myself - it was the most natural way of being for me. Any little thing to spark my interest, I delved into.

As I've grown into adulthood, this hasn't changed a bit. In the last decade, I've traveled many countries around the world, meeting some of the most fascinating people and finding myself in some of the most beautiful places in nature, following the compass of my curiosity. This has led me to living a very unconventional life, starting my own business mentoring women & hosting holistic wellness retreats as a way to encourage others to also follow their heart, wherever it is leading, and resource them to feel empowered and supported along the way.

As beautiful as this life is that I've created, it wasn't (and isn't) always this picturesque...


I've also been through many losses, heart breaks & overall human struggles, which I believe have shaped the woman that I am today just as much. 

In my younger years, I struggled with deep depression, feeling lost and disconnected from the meaning of life and the people around me.

I've witnessed a beloved family member pass away right before my eyes.

I've been a care giver to both of my parents at different times, while they faced extreme illnesses.

I've dealt with PTSD from past experiences & so much more...

I share all this with you to leave nothing out and to show you why I believe that these are the things that make us modern day warriors - and what connects us all.

Going through these really tough moments is what led me to exploring many unique healing modalities and paths of self inquiry - most of them just as unconventional as I am.

Sitting with whole bean 'ceremonial' cacao for one - whether on my own or in a gathering. This ancient plant ally rooted in South/Central American Indigenous cultures and honored as a heart opening medicine for centuries, has supported me through so much, encouraging me to continue living life with an open heart despite how much 'easier' it seemed like it would be to just close off. 


Movement, meditation, yoga, sound healing, breath-work, nature trekking, river plunging, massage, fire ceremonies led by indigenous elders, astrology, art therapy, poetry, painting music & so much more. 

IMG_5094 (2).JPG

All of these have helped me become more resilient and opened me to creating such a beautiful artwork of life. This is also what led me back to the gift I cherish the most - poetry - my personal favorite form of art & creative expression and one big way I am able to be in service to others - weaving beautiful wisdom in with words.


Playing in this medium has brought so much into my life including many new friendships, collaborations, opportunities to join forces with some of my favorite musicians, and so much more.


Ultimately I believe this is where we are all headed, if we haven't made it there yet - taking such radical care of ourselves, allowing our curiosities & passions to reveal our purpose, using our gifts to support each other, and witnessing humanity grow & evolve as a whole.

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